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Emerging ideas, needs, and opportunities often require an outside perspective. Understanding that you could do anything is not a sufficient filter to help you decide what you should do. The insights offered by TLCY resources will help you develop filters to separate could from should. TLCY will not tell you what to do, rather we will help you discover the value of your "could do" options to guide your thinking toward the best option for your organization today and tomorrow.

Data Driven understanding through situation, need, and constraint analysis provides the foundation for TLCY to deliver the knowledge you need to benefit from technology, leadership, and change. Connecting the dots based on questions, research, and experience, your TLCY resources will work through the possibilities to help you understand probabilities. We ground your change options on your unique data as well as scientific best practices and experience that can only come from real world practitioners, who also spend time in the academy.

Focus and Goals are yours to keep. These outcomes are the reason you work with TLCY. Though we are not executive coaches, you will be a better executive at the end of your time with us. However, along the way to discovering your organization focus and the ways change can align your organization goals, you will become a better executive and leader.


2015 Project Highlight

Organization : Private Events Management Delivery Provider

Issue : Technology scaling is inhibiting platform growth.

Solution : Select cloud services providers and transition all new platform work outside of traditional infrastructure.

Resources : 3

Hours : Approximately 180

Results : New platforms growing at 112% Y/Y without scale concerns


2014 Project Highlight

Organization : Private B2B Services Provider

Issue : Organization is missing internal candidates for senior level roles (VP, CxO)

Solution : Customized employee development program focused on management and leadership tasks to provide opportunities for next generation leaders to emerge

Resources : 2

Hours : Approximately 300

Results : Deployed in April, first promotions in October


2013 Project Highlight

Organization : Private Business Skills Training Program

Issue : New product development creating a program to develop line managers into second level and identify higher potential employees

Solution : New product delivered to market in Q2 2014

Resources : 3

Hours : Approximately 500

Results : Estimated first year revenues of 800K


2012 Project Highlight

Organization : Private University MBA Program

Issue : Graduates are concerned that the program is too academic, not enough real world exposure

Solution : Program and subject area modifications to integrate a real world business problem into second year, culminating with a financially justified change plan graduation requirement

Resources : 4

Hours : Approximately 200

Results : 2013 Implementation, 2014 Graduates report substantially higher satisfaction scores