# Innovation 3.oh

In the New Year can we rethink, reframe, or just redo what is means to be innovative?

When we think of innovation, the top of mind ideas include the latest technology driven gadget, newest social connector, or another IT driven tool, toy, or thing.  These technology innovations have greatly changed when and how we interact with information, with each other, and with technology itself. However, there is more life and more to life than information or technology can change.

Rearranging technology legos to create something that looks different might not be real innovation. Creating the technology legos (Internet, browsers, online profiles, GPS, etc,), that was innovation, changing the sequence or color, not as much. While the rearrangements are new, they may not be innovative and perhaps that is the real need for 2015 and beyond. Perhaps we need to separate “new” from “innovation”. How to change our thinking so that new does not immediately earn the title innovation that is the challenge for Innovation 3.oh.

So how do we begin to separate new from innovation? Perhaps the first step is to give” new” some real credit so that new does not have to be innovative to earn respect from consumers or critics. Many of us like new cars even if there is nothing innovative in the car. We like new books, though story telling is thousands of years old and mass produced books are hundreds of years old. We also like new combinations of cream, sugar, and flavorings a.k.a. Ice Cream. In all instances new is exciting and provides enough value to cause us separate from our money without involving the word innovation.

Agreeing that new can have value without the other word; the task then becomes how to determine when that other word should be used. Perhaps one qualifier can be found in the name of the proposed change for Innovation 3.oh. To be considered innovative perhaps an invention should cause customers to say Oh, Oh, Oh, to meet the new Innovation 3.oh criteria. Silly perhaps, unconventional definitely, memorable and easy you bet.

In the New Year, another thing that is new without being innovative, we will undoubtedly witness many new products, services, and of course, technology remixes.  Let us celebrate and apply these things to every advantage possible while making the inventors, creators, designers, and start-up funders work a bit harder to earn the title #Innovation 3.oh.

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